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How to care for your sheepskins

Our sheepskin are extremely durable and will last a lifetime if you give them a little care and attention. Sheepskin is a material that’s naturally liquid repellent and dirt resistant, and its wool fibres are also very resilient and spring back to their original fluffy appearance.

Shaking and brushing your sheepskins

When loose dirt has gathered between the fibres, give your sheepskins a vigorous shake to remove it - this also helps to restore the pile. When the sheepskin has matted down a bit, brush it with a coarse wire brush then hang outside for a good airing.

Cleaning your sheepskins

With sheepskin being dirt and liquid repellant, a spot clean with warm water is often enough to remove any small stains. However, if you need to clean your sheepskins more thoroughly, you can also wash it. Following these few guidelines will help keep it in great condition:


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