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The Fabulous Fleece Company Blog

How to care for your Reindeer hide

We often get asked by customers how to best look after a reindeer hide. Investing in an timeless item like this, you will want to treasure it for years to come. So what can you do to keep it in tip-top condition?

Choosing the best place for it

Hides are more a decorative or ornamental item - rather than a durable, hard wearing one. So we’d recommend positioning in a lower traffic area of your house. Stepping or walking on your reindeer hide too frequently or sitting on it for long periods of time can cause the hairs to shed.

Avoiding hot spots

Extreme heat can also cause the hide’s hairs to shed excessively. With that in mind, it’s best to not place too close to sources of extreme heat such as directly in front of a fire, in conservatories, close to a radiator or in rooms with underfloor heating.

Animals love to dig out the long hairs too so try not to place in your pet’s favourite spot or let them get too attached to your hide!

Cleaning your hide

To remove any loose dirt, give the hide a gentle shake by hand outside. You can also use your use vacuum cleaner on a low setting with brush attachment. Hang against a wall and gently vacuum from head to foot.

Drying your hide

Reindeer hides are naturally waterproof and are great to be used outside as chair or bench covers. However if your hide does get very wet, try to dry it out soon after. Leave it to dry naturally outside, preferably in bright natural light but not direct sunlight.

Following the points above, you should be able to treasure your hide and keep it looking great for many years.